Main task of ESAAT is doing research and promotion work in the field of animal assisted therapy and showing clearly the therapeutic, pedagogical and salutogenetic effects of the relationship between man and animal.

Furthermore ESAAT was founded with the aim of setting basic rules for education and training in the field of animal assisted therapy and to standardize education and training within the EU.

Attaining professional recognition in the field of animal assisted therapy in Europe and if possible in other countries too is another basic ESAAT aim.

ESAAT lays great emphasis in the effort to establish a specific profession for animal assisted therapy and to promote animal assisted therapy throughout Europe.

Training programms for all three areas of activity should in future include the following topics:

  • human-animal communication
  • theories to explain the healing and helping effects on animals and human
  • knowledge about somatic, social and psychological effects of animals on humans
  • methods for pedagogic and therapeutic work with animals in different areas of application
  • methods of evaluation, ethical questions and animal welfare
  • species-appropriate housing, care and handling
  • normal behavior and behavioral development of animals, introduction to behavioral problems and illnesses
  • training methods for animals, hygienic requirements for the pedagogic and therapeutic involvement of animals, hygiene plans
  • risk management, tutored practical experience, organization of professional activities with animals.

Minimum qualifications for trainers and lecturers will be set up throughout Europe and quality control will be pursued.