Principles of animal-assisted therapy

Every organisation that wants to offer and implement animal-assisted work within the framework of ESAAT (the European Society for Animal-Assisted Therapy) must commit itself to recognising the following comprehensive binding regulations.

An indispensable prerequisite for animal-assisted work is the manner in which the animals used are kept and that their treatment meets the demands of the European Convention for the Protection of Domestic Animals and the animal protection legislation in the particular country.

The owner of the animal is responsible for ensuring that the accommodation and care of the animal complies with animal protection regulations. The person who works with animal assistance is responsible for the all-embracing wellbeing of the animal during the animal-assisted intervention. They must ensure that the frequency, length and intensity of such activity are arranged such that there is no impairment of the animal’s wellbeing. They are also obliged to ensure that the activity is halted at the first sign of distress.

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